God Says, “Ask Me for Grace to Release”

God Says, “Ask Me for Grace to Release”

By Gale Ward Maiden

I have recently talked with more than one person who described the first half of almost every day as an outright conflict with God. Are you weary from your wrestling matches with God?

I think of Jacob who wrestled with Elohim and ultimately was renamed Israel. I believe that Jacob was not convinced that he was to be called Israel. Without going into detail do you think that Jacob’s adversary was himself?

Jacob had a major identity crisis. When Jacob arrived at the revelation that God wanted to bless him he released the name of Jacob for his God ordained name Israel.

Jacob could only be transformed by the power of God. When Jacob released “himself” he became Israel.

 What Do You Need to Release?

The nature of the name Israel is that we have prevailing power with God. God’s power will sever every chord of unbelief releasing us into faith and the precious promises of God.

In an unrighteous wrestling mode we are unable to receive from God because without God empowered release we are caught up in a death cycle of dead works. Dead works is a struggle of death.

Examples of God Empowered Release

As God is developing our ministry there is much that must be released in order for the anointing of God to be revealed. The Apostle Paul boasted consistently in the power of God’s grace which ultimately consumed him. Paul said, “I am what I am by the grace of God.” Paul knew that grace was always available.

God wants us well. Maybe you have a physical challenge and have been for so long desiring a healing. As long as one doesn’t believe that as an Israel of God deserving of God’s power there will be no healing. God is asking all of us to believe that healing is His wholehearted desire. God give us your power!

Again we are being lovingly pressed to ask God for His empowering grace to let go of any sickness and challenges. Whatever the spirit of God reveals that is a hindrance to the receiving of the kingdom of God simply ask for His grace or divine ability to let it go.

 And now I (Apostle Paul) commend you to God and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

 Acts 20:32 ESV

Paul released grace to his church in Ephesus so that they would be empowered to receive their God given inheritance.

Entrusting you to the Grace of God for Release

I, Gale Maiden, a Preacher, Apostle and Teacher of the Gospel of the presence of Christ, entrust you to the power of God’s grace to release all hindrances; thereby allowing all the fullness of the kingdom of God to come to you.


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