Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation

 Spirit of Wisdom &Revelation

Opening the Eyes of our Heart so that we may Know Him

(Ephesians 1:15-23)

  • By Gale Maiden 

    There are key revelations being reintroduced by God at this season to the body of Christ. These revelations are not new but have been veiled through unbelief since the days of Christ’s earthly ministry.


    Word to Gale in 1989

    The spirit of God spoke this word to me in 1989 while on a ministry trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. The word which came to me particularly addressed the fact that the major revelations would come from the writings of the Apostle John. John penned the Gospel of John, I John, II John, III John and the Book of Revelation.


    Radical World View from the Spirit of Revelation

    God has continuously opened these scripture revelations over the last 26 years. God asked me almost thirty years past to pray consistently the prayer for wisdom and revelation found in Ephesians 1:15-23, My world view because of the revelations has totally changed. Everything from a Trinitarian doctrine to a “second coming” of Jesus Christ has taken on a fresh breath of life and joy. Abiding in God’s revelation word grants the church truth and truth makes us free.


    The Apostle John Knows God Things

    The Lord has specified the particular areas of revelation which when rightly understood and applied will bring forth a victorious church. The unfortunate veiling of the truth concerning these teachings is about to bring forth one of the most formidable challenges to the cutting edge church. Nothing like this has transpired since the days of Christ’s earthly ministry.

    I have personally encountered recently an increase in persecution from the spirit of religion which is the spirit of death. We must love as Christ loves the church and faithfully wash the church with the water of God’s revelatory truth.

    The one thing that these revelations have done is to help me find my true identity in Elohim and to know more about that which has been given to believers 2000 years ago in Christ’s death and resurrection. We must believe that God has an overcoming church who knows Him and the power of His resurrection.

    New Wineskins Full of the Wine of Revelation 

    Traditions of men have nullified the power of God. Hearts to which God has entrusted these revelations represent the New Church Wineskins. New Wineskin hearts are capable of containing the fullness of the spirit/word of God which is the wine of God. The earth and the heavens are anxiously waiting the intoxicating dispensing of the revelatory power of the Holy Spirit.


    My People Perish Without Knowledge

    The spirit of God has shown me that without the fullness of understanding on the following topics many will tragically perish:

  • Seek God with all our heart and He will be found.
  • How are we to relate to the geographical and spiritual earth, heaven and the highest heavens? What and where is heaven?
  • Our success in overcoming all things is totally in our identity found in Elohim our Creator and our God of Israel.
  • Will someone please explain the “trinity?”
  • Is Jesus God or a man? Is Jesus both God and man?
  • Who and how is Messiah the Christed one?
  • There is massive confusion concerning the spirit of antichrist. May be surprised to find that this spirit is not against Jesus but is anti-anointing?
  • Eschatology is so profoundly simple. The end exists in the now!
  • Is Jesus “coming” back a second time?
  • Rapture at ground zero? Acrophobia could hinder the traditional release of a rapture! (Ha!)
  • Great falling away…who falls from what to what? Man of sin?
  • The Book of Revelation is a full and complete revelation or apocalypse of Jesus the Christ and has been in place for 2000 years. Has Jesus come? Do we have the go-ahead to do the Book of Revelation?
  • Is resurrection available now? Jesus says yes.
  • What should the Church be doing in this hour?
  • What is the end of end times? The end will come when the 2000 year old revelation of the presence of Church in the earth is preached and witnessed.


Looking for Faithful and Trustworthy Teachers

Father’s Heart Ministry is opening the door to meet with those who may be entrusted with the word of God (II Timothy 2:2).

Great Grace from Paul’s prayer in Ephesians chapter one                

Gale Ward Maiden      www.fathersheartministry.com


Note: If anyone is interested in discussing these most important topics,  please contact me at office@fathersheartministry.com or call 828 612 7251.



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