New Heaven and New Earth Tidbits

Greetings Saints,

While writing today on the kingdom of God vs. the kingdom of heaven I jotted down the following tidbits on the kingdom of heaven and the earth. Please email if any questions or call 828 612 7251.

The importance of understanding the kingdom of heaven in its present nature is vital to successfully ushering in the kingdom of God in its fullness.

Blessings to all

My New Heaven and New Earth Tidbits
By Gale Maiden

Earth and the firmament called heaven were made visible on the first and second day of creation and together are called the world. What in the world?

• The Garden of Eden which is called Paradise is the eternal earthly and heavenly abode of all the children of God. Heaven and earth were renewed when our new creation Jesus was resurrected.

• The heart of man is the agent between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven! Whatever the heart of man agrees with will show up in the firmament called the kingdom of heaven.

Heaven doesn’t originate our word. Heaven is a reflection of our word from God given to us in the earth.

• The “Lord’s Prayer” says, “God’s will or word is being done on earth and therefore is discerned in heaven.”

• Jesus said, “Whatever we bind or loose on earth shall show up in heaven.”

• Every time that the dust of the earth is disturbed on a windy day it will show up in your heaven at about nose level.

Heaven in which I now live begins on the earth at the soles of my feet and goes upward until it passes the clouds and runs out of oxygen.

• Every character trait in humans is a heavenly product of earthly activity.

• God set the precedent for seed time and harvest when He took water from the earth and on the second day of creation sowed the water and produced heaven. Nothing has changed. Heaven will eternally produce that which is sown in the earth. Remember scripture says first the natural then the spiritual… first the earthly then the heavenly.

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