Seeing Transition as Righteous Change

Seeing Transition as Righteous Change

By Gale Maiden

Can change be defined as transition? Transition is defined by most dictionaries as a change from one state or condition to another.

Can a wrong understanding of transition do detriment to the truth concerning biblical change? Case in point is that transition is often wrongly thought to be a state or condition of limbo in which one neither occupies a previous state nor the state or condition hoped for.

Limbo thinking wrongly believes that one is somewhere in between two states. Limbo means to be on hold or in a state of non-activity. As a result transition wrongly perceived becomes a crutch and an excuse for not fulfilling the necessary faith actions to bring about the changes required by God.

To be in true Biblical transition is an exciting place of action leading to fulfilling of our destiny. One who is in true transition knows where he has been as well as where he is going.

The good news is that sons of God who are those being led by the spirit are never in limbo. Change in God is perpetual and is best understood as an ongoing present tense phenomenon.

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