Prophetic Dream: River of the Water of Life


An Empowering Dream in Establishing the Mountain of God

By Gale Maiden

I received this dream sometime after 4 am on October 9, 2014. I had awakened around 4 am and began to pray. I asked God to continue giving dreams especially for divine direction. I again immediately fell asleep and received the following dream.


I am a Land Surveyor and had been called out to perform a surveying project. There were three helpers with me. The four of us were walking westward up a rather steep incline. It was obvious by the surroundings that we were in a major construction earth moving environment.

I glanced ahead looking upward where I saw a tremendously high single mountain peak. It appeared to reach thousands of feet into the sky. I noticed that the high point of the mountain had been changed somewhat apparently by construction equipment. The shape of the center of the high peak indicated that a road was being built in the direction of my location. The road was not finished but under construction. Likewise there was obviously a road being built along our path heading towards the high peak. The road beside us and the road on the peak were not connected and were obviously intended to be connected.

We finally came to a place with a round stone table sitting on the construction grade where we met the person who had employed me. The stone table held the construction plans. This man was obviously the superintendent over this massive project. This man said to me, “There is something wrong and I need your help.” This man immediately asked my party to join hands with him around this stone table and he led us in prayer for resolution to the problem facing him. My helper on my right hand immediately firmly gripped my hand and looked intently into my eyes as if to say, “I understand the significance of this moment in time.”

This man in charge pointed to a river flowing perpendicular to and crossing through the proposed road site being built to the high peak. It was obvious that something pertaining to the river was hindering the road construction. The water in this river was the clearest water I have ever witnessed. Every part of the river bed was totally visible no matter what depth the water. I quickly observed that the bed or foundation of the river was very irregular and was impeding a consistent flow. I immediately saw a “ponding” caused by a deeper point in the stream bed.  This irregular river bed area had caused an inconsistent flow of the water.

We concluded that until this river bed or foundation was made consistent the road construction which was to bridge the river could not proceed. The inconsistencies in the depth of the river bed foundation were indeed the culprit. 

I knew immediately that by surveying methods I could assess the problem and make recommendations that if implemented would cause this river to majestically flow. I knew that once the recommended solutions were successfully addressed then the construction of the highway to the mountain top could be completed.

End of Dream



Key Points of Instruction Given to Me from the Dream

This dream is one of several dreams given to me concerning surveying, constructing and building roads and bridges. Again I began over thirty years ago doing this very type of work. This profession is God given to me. I know that this life’s work is from God because I love this work as much or more today as I did when I began.

The whole body of Christ is called to be Surveyors. We all have a God given boundary or MEASURE of faith (Romans 12) which we are responsible for establishing in the earth!


Peace Found in Finding Our Measure of Faith

In the dream I sensed the peace which goes along with knowing that we are in the destiny and place of God. The freshly moved earth under my feet is my Paradise or Eden. The molding of raw earth into beautiful symmetrical highways with bridges is my heartbeat for sure. My motto is, “I believe that you can get there from here!”


Hear the Word of the Lord and Succeed

I believe that this dream is both a personal and corporate church mandate from God. It is common knowledge that the world wide church is under construction in many ways.

I and my three helpers were called to address whatever road and bridge construction needs requiring our professional services. The three helpers speak to me of the three disciples Peter, James and John. Of the twelve Disciples of Christ it seems that these three were cutting edge men and on the forefront of Christ’s mission. I believe that my helper on my right hand is symbolic of the Apostle John who is known for knowing the heartbeat of God.


Western Direction Prophetically Important

We were walking westward up a steep incline. West is the direction of fruitfulness. Israel crossed east to west across both the Jordan River and through the Land of Promise into a place of fruitfulness. The steep incline speaks of challenges facing a church under construction and a bride making herself ready.


Mountain of God (Isaiah 2:1-3)

I believe that the high mountain is the mountain of God. This mountain peak was positioned in height so as to reach the middle of the earth’s atmosphere. Some would call this the mid-heavens. In Ezekiel 14 we see that the King of Tyre (some say a type of Satan) was cast down from the mountain of God because of iniquity in his heart. Thus the mountain of God is the holy abode of God.


The Prophet Isaiah told us of these days in which the holy mountain of the Lord is being established in the hearts of lovers of God. From all nations are God’s people desiring to come to the mountain of the Lord to be taught concerning the way of the Lord. How exciting!

The word which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem. Now it will come about that In the last days The mountain of the house of the Lord will be established as the chief of the mountains, and will be raised above the hills and all the nations will stream to it. And many peoples will come and say, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob that He may teach us concerning His ways and that we may walk in His paths." (See Psalm 24:3-4 also)

Isaiah 2:1-3 NASU


The road and bridge are self-explanatory in that they represent a construction process for access to God’s holy mountain.


River of The Water of Life

Then he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb,in the middle of its street (road).

Revelation 22:1-2 NASU

This verse clearly depicts the River of the water of life and the street or road seen in my dream.


In order to construct any part of the kingdom of God we must have the power and life of God. I believe that the river in this dream is God’s river of life. Only carnal man can impede the consistent flow of the river of life. It is the condition of the river bed foundation that determines the consistency of the flow.

I believe that I and my crew of three were called so as to eliminate river of life bed or foundational “ups and downs.” In the natural I am fully graced to perform such awesome and essential tasks.


Our Foundation and Smooth Riverbed is Jesus the Christ

My God given heart’s cry is to establish in the hearts of people a revelation of Jesus the Christ…the already laid foundation and the water of the river of life. I am reminded of the Prophet Elijah’s mandate to bring down high places and raise up low areas in order to make the way to the Lord level and easily accessible.


Table of Stone Covered by Life Giving Spirit Plans

The stone table reminds me of the tablets of stone on which were the written laws of God. The construction drawings overlaying the stone table reminds me that by the spirit of God we have a new covenant which is easily accessible. By the spirit of God plans and drawings the church will successfully complete the road and bridge connection to the holy mountain of God.


An Awakening Revelatory Church…No Longer in the Dark

The construction superintendent represents a discerning church which realizes that something is wrong and is delaying the construction project. Like many this man could not put his finger on the problem but has a heart’s desire to find a solution. What wisdom…he calls for help! Not only did he call for my assistance but most important he first acknowledged God as the solver of the church’s dilemma.


Foundation, Foundation and Foundation

For many years God has shown me that the church is being adversely affected because of a lack of understanding concerning the foundation of the Church who is Jesus the Christ. Many precious saints are crying out and desiring heaven and earth to again be one…new heaven and new earth. Access to the holy mountain of God is only obtainable when the rivers of living water flow out of our bellies consistently. This life giving water empowers believers to work wisely in completing the highway between earth and heaven. Again earth and heaven were created to be totally one in agreement!


God Solutions

Finally I believe that there are an innumerable number of God’s Surveyors who are more than qualified to measure and righteously establish the foundational boundaries of God in the earth thereby bridging earth to heaven.

My recommendation to the body of Christ is to trust that in asking God for a spirit of wisdom and revelation, we will know and understand him who is Lord over heaven and earth. Remember that Isaiah the Prophet said that the mountain of God is a place of learning the ways and paths of our Lord.i

We must continue to ask God for His construction plans for our lives. We  are asked by the Spirit of God to examine ourselves to see if were re indeed in His faith. The flow of God’s water of the river of life in our foundational correctness produces an everlasting mountain of God with never ending holy instruction.


Heavens are Understood and Utilized From a Righteous Position in the Earth

All natural surveys of land boundaries begin with well-known and established foundational points. Beware of heaven seekers who do not come by way of the earth. Beware of seekers of the spirit who do not come by way of the natural. God says that first comes the natural and then the spiritual and also that by way of the earth is heaven properly addressed. (Request my article on the natural and spiritual, earthly and heavenly at


Is This an Age of Problems with no Solutions?

Prophets of doom and gloom who do not also prophesy the solution are not in my opinion hearing the voice of God.

As specific as the problem described we should prophetically receive the strategy to destroy our enemies. Good always overcomes evil. And by the way our enemies are unholy and therefore are not qualified to drink of the water of the river of life nor ascend the mountain of our Holy God.

God Knows Things!




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